Twitter for WordPress widget broken? No public tweets? No problem!

You might see on our blog homepage that we have a Twitter widget. Huzzah for us! This is the Twitter for WordPress widget created by Rick’s Hideout.

We noticed recently that it had started displaying, rather than our witticisms, just the phrase “No Public Tweets”. What’s going on here then?

A quick bit of searching told us that Twitter have changed how they handle RSS API calls. As the plugin appears not to be updated anymore, here is what you need to do to get it working again:

(You’ll need FTP access to your site and a text editor!)

Open wp-content/plugins/twitter-for-wordpress/twitter.php

Navigate to line 54, delete what is thereĀ and paste this in:

[gist id=4160652]

Now, wait a few hours for it to propogate and huzzah! Your Twitter widget will be working again.

Please note that Twitter are currently depreciating version 1 of their REST API (which this uses), so in a few months we’ll all have to change to using JSON for v1.1.

We’ll have a new tutorial on that soon. Why not sign up to hear more fun tips and facts from us!


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