Thought Den at #kittencamp

Thought Den’s producer and studio manager George reigned supreme at Viral Ad Network‘s excellent #kittencamp event last night in Bristol, beating LOLkitteh in the ‘Battle of the Memes’. Check out what Youtubez we was killing it with.

Nightime, daytime

Bit of an old classic this one from the BBC; a great game for one or more players of any age.

Man interview 12 year old self

This is the kind of thing that makes you think: I wish I had done that. So well executed, funny, touching and interesting. What more could you ask for?

Code club: the interviews

Code Club is a brilliant initiative to try and get kids coding from an early age. Here, the directors interview some people you may just recognise…

Batman dog

On to the random round; ladies and gentleman, we present the comedy stylings of Batman dog.

The Moby Song

This video is for everyone who has a problem identifying Moby in a crowd of similarly follicly challenged men.

Following the ‘main event’, Gav Strange from Aardman Digital enthused wildly about their latest feature film The Pirates, and Matt Golding from Rubber Republic discussed why and how they sent a tent into space.

Come down to Bristol’s next KittenCamp, it’s sure to be full of LOL.

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