The best 99 of igfest 09

Almost 100 pics here of the festival we can’t stop talking about. We’ll be quiet now. But not before congratulating Team Rubber on their Bristol’s Biggest Player win!

igFest is on the way!

Yup. The moose are currently de-camping at the Studio, brilliant! We now can’t wait for this weekend. The whole of Bristol will be descending to play at igFest. This is the 2nd year running and it’s already over-booked again! Check it all out at

igfest mayhem!

One of the best weekends of the summer! Absolute chaos, such fun and that rosy glow of satisfaction at having done something different for a change. Simon Johnson’s igfest kicked off in spectacular fashion with Journey to the Centre of the Night, a game involving over 170 people who were emailed a secret location on …