REMIX Condensed: culture, technology and entrepreneurship

On Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th the Remix Summit took place in London. Culture, technology and entrepreneurship formed the primary agenda, with a supporting cast of issues, from the male-dominated tech industry to the tyranny of the screen. That’s not to forget the traditional chorus-calls for disruption, better funding and more collaboration.

Culture Label are behind the event, a team well placed to bring together enterprising minds, straddling culture and commerce as they do.

Thought Den couldn’t attend (too busy predicting the future in this blog post also emphasising the importance of entrepreneurship in the arts) but we’ve spent quite some time filtering the many thousands of tweets that were generated.

Behold another mighty Twitter Poster, our 12th in the series. A beautiful and concise summary of what got people talking at The  2013 Remix Summit, London.

Download a hi-res version here.

See more Twitter Posters here.

Illustration by Lisa Evans.


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