MuseumNext condensed: home turf and hard graft

Following the Barcelona and Amsterdam highlights of our last few conference-going years, it was with some regret I couldn’t attend the home-coming of MuseumNext to Newcastle.

In steps Twitter, bang goes an afternoon of catch-up and hashtag eye-melt, and out pops this handy Twitter Poster. A memento for those lucky enough to attend and a handy cheat-sheet for everyone else.

The general impression, as with all MuseumNext conferences, was one of a community thoroughly enjoying itself. Whether it’s a wry aside about regurgitated platitudes – we know we need to fail fast / stay lean / understand our audiences / tell stories – or a warm-hearted heckle on the death of apps, the conversation in Newcastle was enthusiastic, encouraging and built on the implicit understanding that this digital innovation lark is tough stuff.

Here’s hoping I’ll be back in the bosom of this fine bunch next year. So to speak.

Download a hi-res version of the 2014 MuseumNext Twitter Poster, feast your eyes below, or check out the whole collection on Pinterest.


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