Mega Party Photos

WOW! Thanks to everyone who came down to our party on Friday 3rd February to celebrate moving in to our new studio. We had a lot of fun, and we hope you did too. Pictures below!

Some highlights:

  • The Ki-Stal Maze: a Ban Ki-Moon themed sort-of version of The Crystal Maze, but with cardboard boxes and cups. Shame the lamp broke (twice!) before anyone got to level 2.
  • Ben vanishing around 11 and reappearing with lots of fireworks.
  • Some long distance Beer Pong and Flippy Cup on our new (homemade) desk.
  • Drinking. Lots of.
  • Street Fighter IV
  • Mini dancefloor (no photos unfortunately).

Here’s a couple of photos from the night. To see more find us on Facebook! If you have any of your own please get in touch or upload them to the page.

Party in full effectLong range beer pongChampagne?Champagne? Cups are so last studio!Mobile Pie et al get ready for flippy cupInviso-dj

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