Let’s learn 3 things in our blog post today.

Have you heard of Futurelab?

Have now. Lesson 1, done!

They [heart] new eLearning tools.

Lesson 2 finito’.

Thought Den just released their spanking new site.

Lesson 3 wrapped.

That wasn’t too bad right! See we don’t just do playful learning tools and workshops, we make sites with the educators too.

Here’s some nice screen shots from the work or go view the site.

Now for extra marks please memorise below and wonder how your site would look if we made yours…


All their products are online now and the site has a special eCommerce basket

Shopping Cart

“Wow that’s easy to use!”

We used the award winning open source… Drupal CMS to quickly build the charity’s new website. Dear god it’s easy for them to use.

Drupal editing

Clever user accounts

Clever user accounts. Futurelab Staff can only edit manage what content they need too, so no more “bloggers accidentally deleting the frontpage”.

Dynamic Front Page.

They can write what ever they want in the Hero Box, depends what they need to sell at the time

Futurelab's Drupal Front Page



It’s new and here to stay. Thought Den were one of the first commercial companies to be flying the Drupal flag for HTML5. Yay to future and yay to better SEO

HTML5 Code

Deep Information search

It searches EVERYTHING. Really it does, so no product is left unfound. We even built them a widget which searches their previous site just in-case anything’s missed.

Facet Search

A bit like the powerful eCommerce site eBay and Play.com, you pick a category and it filters your results.

A Futurelab facet search

Now what were the three things you had to remember at the beginning…?

Thing your educational facility needs a sexy site too? email us, curious at thoughtden co United Kingdom

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