Hi, I’m new here!

Hi my name is CorinHello world! My name is Corin Wilkins and I am the new Creative Developer here at Thought Den. Originally a Flash developer until Apple killed my format, I’ve been brought in from the freelancer cold to add my specialities to the Den: Unity3D, C# and HTML5. I’ve been making games for the last 6 years or so, some of which were nominated for awards.

I’ve known the guys here since being in one of their famous ‘Industry Days’ as a hairy student of Bournemouth University. Now, about 5 years on, I’m obviously very excited to be a part of their team in trendy Stokes Croft.

In my short time here so far I’ve: been building an interactive Kinect exhibit coming to a zoo near you soon (if you are in Bristol), done some rapid prototyping at the new BBC place in Manchester, doubled the weekly tea consumption in the studio and come up with some interesting game ideas based on pain. I’m very much looking forward to flexing my HTML5 game muscles on some upcoming projects.

Some things you should know about me:

  • Born and bred in Somerset, I love (read: HATE) when people say Somerset in a Worzel Gummidge accent.
  • I love a bit of adventure. This often ends up being mis-adventure
  • When not at work in the Den you might find me rock climbing half way up the cliffs of Cheddar or Avon gorge.
  • My favourite classic game is the Gameboy version of Donkey Kong. I’m currently enjoying Unstoppable Gorg.
  • In my youth I washed dishes and peeled potatoes in some of the finest Restaurants in Britain.
  • I once jumped out of a flying helicopter into the sea.

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  1. Ben, Dan, what have you let yourself in for….

    Only joking! This is great news (and for some reason I only just found out through your blog) and am sure Corin is a great asset to the team, development wise and his witty dry humour ;).

    I’m also embarking on a new career move myself so will stay in touch. Will definitely make sure I pop in next time i’m in bristol, or come to one of the office parties I keep getting spammed about!


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