Hello new face!

I'm Jack Essom: InternHi, I’m Jack Essom and for the last two weeks and the next two I am the Production Intern here at Thought Den. I’m just about to go into my final year of Uni at Bournemouth studying Interactive Media Production (TD staffers Ben and Corin are also graduates of this course), so at the moment I really do a bit of everything, from HTML and CSS to Flash, ActionScript and some Unity. I’m looking to do more game development going forward.

I met the Ben and Dan at one of the ‘Industry Days’ (even though it lasted nearly a week) that they run at Bournemouth Uni, and took the chance of asking if I could work with them for a bit. In a few short months here I am!

During my time here I’ll mainly be working on developing their Virtual Tours in Unity for mobile. I’m learning C# for it as I go along so that its written the same as other projects they’ve got here. Good thing I’m a pretty quick learner!

Some of the facts:

  • Being Born in Bristol and going to Uni in Bournemouth I’ve learnt that I say ‘cupboard’ weirdly.
  • I worked for broadcasting at the London 2012 Olympics this summer. That’s pretty good for my first ever actual job.
  • I got told once that most game developers don’t really play games; I intend to prove this wrong.
  • I’m a bit of a zombie fan; I think I’ve done enough research to survive the Zombie Apocalypse when it finally comes.
  • I have an Art GCSE yet still tell people I can’t draw (whoops I may have let something slip).


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