Gopping the underage…

A strange thing happened outside the office last Wednesday. Oceana runs an under 18 night, and out of the blue came hundreds of kids shrieking and laughing.

Oceana - Wednesday night

So rather than commenting on the youth of today, the price of cheese and other such things, we tried out some Bluetooth gopping with out the support of any Pervasive Relations (P.R). The test also had some different variables to our last gopping experience when we were chased by fanny in town,

  • most of the subjects were static in a queue
  • the pervasive weather situation was better
  • the age range was more defined (16-18)
  • we were trying video

The results

  • There was a significant increase in people with their Bluetooth on, averaging at 47 devices.
  • We only got 1 confirmed push (our software is a bit pre-release still, so a possible 5 others)
  • Larger amount of devices with personalised names (in comparison to ‘chased by fanny‘), something of interest to “Merolyn the phone” readers,
    • Brown Hair Bitch 😉
    • Ary
    • Dom
    • RowRow
    • Harley

So this week, we’ll be ready with some P.R and attempt a bigger uptake on the Bluetooth gopping.

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