Fire Kills hits 800,000 plays! And igfest is a go-go…

Good news! The Fire Kills campaign managed and seeded by Team Rubber and built by Thought Den has clocked more than 800,000 plays. The COI, or (George Orwell-esque Central Office of Information to give it its real name) are thrilled and plan to make a case study of it. Have a go here, embed the blighter in your own blog and help save lives.

In other news, Thought Den have joined Simon Games in the igfest engine room, provided commercial-minded support. This basically means we’ll be pestering some bad-ass brands over the next few weeks to get them involved. It’s too good a proposition to miss. Look at the similar event-based marketing activity of brands like Red Bull (Air Race, Formula 1), Virgin (V-Feset), Orange (Glastonbury), T-Mobile (Trafalgar Singalong etc) and Jack Daniels with their music programme.

Laser Balligfest moose hunt

If anyone has any thoughts on how we could pimp igfest, please do get in touch. And if you want to volunteer to help run the festival, please get in touch. And if you want to play – get your arse down to Bristol town centre on 11, 12 and 13 of September for some serious frivolous mental fun-ness. Over n out Cap’n.

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