Everything costs too much!

We know! So if you’re looking for something free and fun to do, like Alton Towers with no ticket booths then the ‘igfest – come out and play festival’ is making a grand opening at the Bristol Harbourside from the 19th – 21st September.

igFest (Interesting Games Festival)


Taking place around the Harbourside in Bristol, igfest is the first festival in the south west to invite people to discover and re-discover the city through playing games in the streets.

There are tons of games over the weekend, too many for anyone to play them all, but we hope you’ll love them all so much you will want to try as many as you can.

Here’s a few you’ll enjoy that weekend…

Moose Hunt

Moose will be making his autumn migration from the deepest Forest of Dean to Bristol over the week before the festival. Your mission is to find him and photograph him. Text ‘moose’ to 60300 to receive a map of the moose’s current location. But be careful, the moose will be told your location and if he ‘shoots’ you before you ‘shoot’ him you are out of the game. Prizes for photographs in various categories including first sighting.

Moose Hunt

Holla Lu Lu

Fill the night with your sound. Find members of your team across the city by hollering your unique cry.

Holla Lu Lu


Korean Lazer Ball is the newest sport of the 21st Century.

Teams of lazer gladiators battle it out, scoring goals by bouncing the lazer beam from hand-held mirrors onto a super high-tech spot on the wall.

Korean Lazer Ball

I personally suggest the Comfort of Strangers, a street game which was created in the media sandbox 07.

All the games’ start times can be seen on their Schedule and the only cost for you is your time (and the bus into town obviusly), ‘cos everyone & anyone in Bristol can play! For free!

See you there at the igLounge by the Watershed.

IgFest is organised by The igLab (Interesting Games Lab).

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