Mobile SPAM Pirates

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”500″ width=”400″ /] Is the new term given to people who send unsolicited files in a Bluetooth zone posing as the people visually transmitting.

Our pervasive acorn, will big things grow?

We’re not trying to bite the digital hand that feeds us, however a few questions are being raised as to whether the time is right to start producing pervasive applications for the real world? Is handset technology at a ripe state to start picking at the branches of Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS? For example,

Cold fingers!

A thought that just popped into our head during a Happy Packages brainstorm was, are we going to see a difference in Pervasive interaction during the summer months in comparison to the winter months?To be honest, if we asked a friend to pick up a Happy Package today out on college green, we severely doubt …

Pervasive kicks off

Today saw the start of the Pervasive iShed project with an initial meeting in the amazing new offices by @Bristol. Also, we were able to meet the other grant finalists, some who presented their ideas at the Media Sandbox launch and some who we’ve worked with before. (Dan Efergan, Dan Efergan and Dan Efergan) In …