Anyone for a Gumstix?

Our new bit of lovely Bluetooth equipment arrived today, a Gumstix “Proximity Marketing device”!

Bluetooth is here!

This box will be able to push out files over Bluetooth to enabled devices and comes with a mini antenna and some fun Bubble-wrap!

The aim now is to get this thing being powered by batteries to make it mobile and then start researching it with the Happy Fountains project, which is a part of the Pervasive Media Research Grant. The box will begin pushing the select files out over the Bluetooth spectrum and gopping people in select areas around the city.

There are some things we require help with however,

  1. The electronics to make it powered by batteries so it’ll fit in our pocket.
  2. We’re going to need a lovely free Linux programmer to work out all the Bluetooth Push and Pulls!

3 Replies to “Anyone for a Gumstix?”

  1. Just plug in some batteries that give a voltage between 4 and 5 volts. I’ve used 4 AA rechargeables to power mine. In the long run you might want some kind of voltage regulator.

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