A new face in t’den

Hi, I’m Peter and I’m also a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator from Hungary (you can’t make a joke about that I haven’t heard already, believe me). I just got the opportunity to work here at Thought Den as an intern which I still can’t quite comprehend. I get to do what I love? Aaand a free sandwich? Gotta love it.

How did I end up here?

After getting a diploma in advertising I realized I’m not even interested in it. So I set off to find out what I AM interested in. Somehow I ended up working in an Irish monastery. As this still wasn’t my lifelong dream (surprisingly) I figured out I should do something with the one thing I’ve always really enjoyed doing: drawing. Thanks to a random series of thoughts I ended up in Bristol, where I am also working as a chef!

For my first task at Thought Den today I was asked to create a character that said something about my style, and something a bit about Thought Den:

You can see the result, Todd the thoroughly-nice bear, below some random facts about me:

  • In case you’re interested, I like freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning, and I like my tea with honey.
  • One of my biggest dreams just came true recently: I finally got my hands on a nightcap.
  • Things that inspire me lately: robots, bears, dinosaurs, ninjas, monsters, especially robot bear-ninja-dinosaur monsters.
  • I like simple stuff…and liquorice too.
  • And I also like Chuck Jones’ cartoons.
  • I’ve never tried tea with milk.

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