4 years of Thought Den in infographic glory

It was our fourth birthday this summer, and to commemorate┬áthis momentous occasion our (then) design intern Peter created us a lovely infographic to stick up on the wall. It’s about time we showed it to the world, so here it is, below some things we learned along the way.

Thought Den’s Top 4 Infographic Tips:

  1. Data then design. The very vague “Let’s represent four years of the company!” is all well and good. But sketching out what it might look like led to lots of chin scratching and beard stroking. Finding the data, and data that could be displayed visually, was a big challenge that required multiple skill sets and lots of communication.
  2. Focus your research. There are thousands of great infographics out there so find some references that you really like. Then look at some authoritative resources like these ones from Vector Tuts, Mashable, .net, or this list from MakeUseOf.
  3. Be disciplined. We’re thinking typographical system, clear hierarchies and a colour scheme that compliments the content. Making data readable isn’t easy so establishing clear rules of engagement can only help.
  4. Tell a story. What’s the point in the graphic? What is going to draw a reader through it? How can you can you add character, surprises, a fitting conclusion?

Thought Den's 4th Birthday Infographic

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