1 New Year, 2 New People, 3 New Trends

So we survived the flag-waving, the floods and the disappointment of HTML 5! Hello 2013.

This year will see some big changes at Thought Den, not least the long-awaited launch of a new website and our first self-published game. The following is a short look forward to a fun-packed year.

3 Trends for Twenty Thirteen

Some eagle-eyed, unsubstantiated and hopeful predictions for the first terrible-teen year of the 21st Century.

(1) Experiences over Possessions – Despite an embarrassing stock market flotation, Facebook continues to dominate our social lives. As digital natives spend more time online, the value of experiences, and of course the photographic evidence of these OMG-mega-spesh-life-events, is in the ascendant. GroupOn may not be the force it once was (inbox overkill) but local, personal and quirky adventures are the next thumbs-up. Think pop-ups (with the help of these pros), exclusive 50-person gigs, learning to make bread with friends (in a yurt in Wales), running from Zombies and hurling paint at each other.


(2) Physical Interfaces – Everything seems to have a touchscreen nowadays. Waistlines of the western world are expanding. Are we ready for an interface that requires more than a fingertip? These little widgets look fun (LeapMotionTwine) and Kinect hacks continue to impress. People are becoming familiar with the idea their whole bodies can be controllers, whether actively (Wii Fit) or passively (GPS tracking as I go about my business). Though not a new idea, the Internet of Things predicts the connectivity of day to day objects. I’m predicting Bigger! Better! More physical! More robust! Everywhere! See Playable City, Rain Room and this rant against touchscreens for more inspiration. Ths chap’s ditching iOS for Windows 8 because he’s sick of Apple (Side note : could 2013 mark the start of Apple’s fall from grace? See iOS 6.0 maps fiasco, Mountain Lion being shite…)


(3) No Phone Zones – Smartphones aren’t going anywhere fast (despite what Kevin Bacon may have to say on the matter) But could we see more of people accidentally-on-purpose going dark? We can plot our every movement with GPS, Amazon knows what we want before we do and Facebook needs to turn a profit at some point. Even as people foam at the mouth for the latest gadget, so too will people start to embrace the power of locking your data down. It’s valuable stuff. And being perma-connected will become tiresome. Ladies and Gents, check your phone at the door. Hopeful indeed, but try this for size: phones in the middle of the restaurant table. First to ring / WhatsApp ping / Facebook fart foots the bill.

2 Lovely People

Thought Den has grown a little. Say hello to the latest faces of the den:

Ben Meek

Junior Developer
Hello my name is Ben, I’m the new Junior Developer and third Ben in the studio. I’ll be mainly writing PHP and concentrating on server side development. I’m looking forward to seeing what other challenges get thrown my way and working for some of the great clients in the portfolio.

  • I learnt to code customising MySpace in 2006
  • I have a mortal fear of morris dancers
  • I once completed Sonic 2 on the Master System with all Chaos Emeralds on a single life whilst blind drunk.
    It’s still my greatest achievement.

Ellen Mary Thomas

Design Intern
Hello my name is Ellen, I’m a graphic designer. I am originally from Catford, but prefer it here in Bristol where I can get around the city easily on my bike. I’m really excited about working here at Thought Den, getting involved with as much as possible and learning how a studio like this operates.

  • I have an acute obsession with time.
  • I’m really good at Pandemonium.
  • My biggest fear is performing in front of people. I just won’t do it.


1 last thing…

  • Wage War On Pain! OUCH can be played online and in-gallery at the Science Museum
  • Magic Tate Ball has notched 110,000 downloads
  • Our 2012 Christmas Game had 110 unique plays for an overage of 3.45 minutes. Bangin’.
  • We gone done a mural in the studio

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